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Activities in Belgium

April: The CNCD 11-11 11 held 11 political meetings specifically on European issues.  The representatives of the 4 major parties (the Socialist Party, Reformist Movement, Center and Ecolo Humanist Democratic) were invited to answer questions on: development cooperation, environment, public markets, migration, trade and agriculture. In total, over 400 people participated in the preparation of the questions and 44 candidates answered, including the current minister of cooperation. More:

May: MEP Anne van Lancker quizzed by youth from Plan. Watch the video:

belgium14-12 May: Plan Belgium Campaign: “Stop the daily violence against children in South”: Sign the petition againstviolence against children.  Throughout the world, 40 millions of children are daily victims of violence at school in their neighborhood and even in their own homes. Plan Belgium mobilizes to fight against this intolerable violation of children’s rights. Moremano_mundo_09

Watch the video “Because I am a girl”.

8-10 May – Mano Mundo festival: Flanders’ largest inter-cultural, global and sustainable festival. The theme this year is “Decent Work!”. Moretravailleurs outils

May: Decent work – Decent life campaign: Belgium petition: From May first, the campaign for decent work will enter a new phase at the initiative of unions FGTB, CSC, and CGSLB, NGOs Global solidarity and social solidarity, in collaboration with the CNCD-11.11.11. Indeed, actions will be conducted across the country in companies. Their goal is that workers join forces to decent work and that employers comply with labor rights and particularly freedom of association not only in their own businesses, but also with their suppliers, subcontractors and their affiliates in the world …
See the video or listen the radio sport in French: – To learn more, sign the petition or order campaign materials:

8-28 Mai: Photo exhibition by Luz de Esperzanza “Relatos de la calle – Stories from the street »: The photographs are the result of a partnership between Nils The Writer and the young people of Luz de Esperanza. ” They give an intimate look at life in “El Alto” a poor district of La Paz. Friday, May 8 (20h:)Opening exhibition and presentation of the accompanying book – Gent. Moretravail

Till 21 May – Between 1 and May 21, Trade Unions and North-South Movements are running  campaign in front of firms and factories to raise awareness on the right of workers: Read more about the “Workers are no tools” campaign.

9 May – International Day of the Fair Trade. Come at the “Vooruit Arts Center” of Gent for a fantastic fair partyorganised by Oxfam World: debate on fair trade in Africa, including wit Minister Karel De Gucht and Luc Cortebeeck, testimonies of partners from the South, a fair market… More

9 May : Debate “Europe is facing the crisis.” The crisis and the nationalization, employment, democracy and peace. As part of the cycle “Europe of citizens-citizenship -Brussels. More

9 May : From Brussels to Katmandou: Nepalese dinner to the benefit of a project in Nepal in July 2009 supervised by Quinoa. – Brussels. More

9 May : The total and unconditional cancellation of Third World debt … agree and after? This session is part of a course of 6 last Saturday on the book by Damien Millet and Eric Toussaint, “60 Questions and Answers on the 60 debt, the IMF and the World Bank.”- Liège. More

9 May : Islam and Non-Violence: The MIR-IRG, El KALIMA, the UCL-CISMOC invite you to conferences that give Mr. Jawdat Said – Bruxelles. More

9 May – Debate: The financial crisis and how we get there again between Money Specialist Bernard Lietaer debate with honorary governor Fons Move  – Antwerpen. MoreFair trade vooruit

9 May – Fair Trade goes Vooruit: faire trade markt and fair fashion in the township of fashion! – Gent. More

9 & 11 May : Islam and Non-Violence: The MIR-IRG, El KALIMA, the UCL-CISMOC invite you to conferences that give Mr. Jawdat Said from Syria – Bruxelles. More

10 May : Evening of solidarity with Algerian women in support of the association FARD to fund a project to build a home for women in distress in Oran. In the presence of Fatma Boufenik, president of FARD (Algerian women claiming their rights) – Brussels – More

10 May: Protest against closed centers for migrants – Liège. Morefaim-stop

12 May: Launch of the bimonthly “Elections Newsletter “of SOS Faim designed to clarify the stakes of the European election campaign in 3 key areas: how each party see cooperation policies,  their vision of agricultural policies (including the CAP) and on trade, how they see the action of Belgium and Europe in the fight against world hunger and rural poverty regarding these issues. Read in French the position of the parties. Click here to receive this newsletter

12 May : Gender budgeting training. Gender budgeting is an important tool of public policy because, without funding, the implementation of commitments to equality is impossible – Brussels. More

12 May: debate: Young politicians on the challenges of tomorrow: Poverty and hunger. Unfair North-South Relations. The warming of the earth. Environmental and energy issues. Our planet is huge challenges. Today, and the coming decades. In the European elections of June 7, young candidates ask for your vote. Now, it is time to ask them questions. They are the politicians of tomorrow – Borgerhout. More

12 May : Training about the game “Navatane”: Live in the shoes of a farmer or a farmer living in an imaginary country.  Participants must gather and sell their products on the market. As of in real live, they experiment the inequalities between farmers and causes of these inequalities. They are encouraged to consider alternatives and to take cognizance of the right to food sovereignty – Brussels. More

11 May: Evening Debate on “Who is responsible for the vulnerable intra-EU migrants and how does the current economic crisis affect them? – Brussels.  The Evening Debate will address questions concerning the impact of the recession on mobility and keeping Europe open as well as preventing protectionism or xenophobic reactions against free movement of persons.  download the full programmes HERE. Further details also available from Clelia Casalino, E:

12 May: Conference on “Who is responsible for the vulnerable intra-EU migrants and how does the current economic crisis affect them?” – Brussels. The Conference will focus on vulnerable intra-EU migrants and it will involve presentations of different European projects working for the benefit of migrants.  Download the full programmes HEREmontage_manif_ndl_dexia0

13 May National demonstration against the funding policy of Dexia allowing Israel to colonised Palestine:Signed cards of protestation will be handed to the Executive Board of the Dexia group.There will be a balloon action to support the campaign – Brussels. More


14 May: Press conference in Brussels (IPC:155 rue de la Loi) at 10 am to launch CONCORD Aid Watch report on the reality of the aid delivered by the European countries to development countries. 11.00 Round table with the European institution to discuss the findings of the report.

14 May: The Spring Classic tour in 7 locations brings a mix of substantive and practical information on the Decent Work campaign. In the 2ndSpring tour year of the campaign, we want the politicians to action and enforce a regulatory framework. During the Spring Classics to get to know how we want to tackle and how we can continue … because workers are not tools!- Antwerp this year we are even closer to you with our. Morewomen art show

14 May : Women Art Show: On May 14, an evening to raise funds for MSF will take place (Dinner and concert). From 8 to 24 May, some 10 women artists exhibit their works in “Women Art Show”. Each of these artists has agreed to sell a work to benefit Doctors Without Borders – Brussels. More


15 May: The unions are planning to March on 3 consecutive days in Madrid, Brussels, Berlin and Czech Rep. 11.11.11 is planning to take part in the Belgian march. The march will be about a more social Europe, decent work and the ‘put people first’ slogan. More:

15 May: Conference “Microcredit: an alternative for women’s empowerment?”  WIDE, a European feminist network of women’s organisations, development NGOs, gender specialists and women’s rights activists, is organising a one-day consultation on microcredit as a tool for for women’s empowerment, thus providing a great opportunity to share experiences with speakers coming from different parts of the world and to raise awareness about positive and negative impacts of microcredit on women – Brussels. More

15 May This International Day of Solidarity is devoted to the campaign “wotravailrkers are not tools. ” To 12 pm the party starts with a ‘time out’ in the form of a barbecue. From 13h, you can participate in numerous workshops and walks, or the state visit. At night you can sit at the table and there is a swinging musical act. Some fos partners from Central America will be there! – Kortrjk and Brussels.
15 May: Evening debate on “Decent work in Nicaragua”. Three guests from the Nicaraguan trade union about their country, their trade union work and the main challenges for Decent Work. You will learn about the strategy they follow in their struggle for decent work in the current economic crisis. The evening ends with a snack and a drink. – Kortrijk.  More

15 May: Training coordinators of international: This training is for anyone who wishes to supervise a group of volunteers on a project in Belgium between July and September 2009 – Brussels – More

15-17 May: Training Weekend “Cuban workers are not tools: to explore the socio-economic side of the Cuban revolution: a socialist union force in society, the Cuban economy, history and evolution of the Cuban trade union CTC, social security and working conditions in Cuba and the main socio-economic challenges for the future. With testimonies from Cuban trade Union – Brussels. More

16 May-6 June–  Academy of directors and senior volunteers: On Saturday May 16, May 30 and June 6, directors and senior volunteers will learn practical tips, advice and clearly identifiable examples. And not to forget: an opportunity to exchange experiences with colleagues. – Antwerp. More

16 May: benefit Concert of Strijdkoor Kontrarie and Eva De Roover in the unique baroque St. Michael’s Church. The benefit from the concert will go to the establishment of the new location and the further development of the functioning of the World Café and support to the cooperative Hundee in Ethiopia – Leuven. More

16 May : Growth and decay: this last conference from the Faculty of Religion and secular humanism is welcoming Max Delespesse – Charleroi. More

16 May : A week-end to reflect on “Debt and Migration”: Throughout Europe, migrants’ rights are violated because the rich countries are supposely unable to accommodate “all the misery in the world.” What are the causes of these migrations? – Grivegnée. More

16 May : Jam in Jette : a street festival which gives the floor to artists singing love, tolerance, sometimes revolt, but also hope for a better world.But also to organizations active in terms of North-South solidarity, Human rights and environmental issues – Brussels. Morebelgzvox

17 May: Belgavox Concert: Artists give a voice of solidarity in Belgium.  Do not miss this free party that people want to contribute to the strengthening of solidarity, dialogue, respect, the sense and the multicultural diversity in Belgium and to strengthen Belgian identity – Brussels. More

17 May: Leuven solidarity choir Caminhando will sing for the benefit of two projects! Caminhando is a choir that sings songs in solidarity with all peoples of the world and this commitment is reflected in the choice of songs and their contents as in the diversity of languages that the singing – Brussels. More

17 May Conference on Cuba: Brussels. More

18 May: Education Night: “Municipalities broader the borders”: how municipalities can contribute to development cooperation – Gent. Moreaidwatch-closeup

18 May: Let’s gather at 11 am in front of the Council of the European Union (Schuman square/rue de la Loi) in Brussel for a “Eurovision of Aid”: which European countries has been the best or worst performer in providing aid to Developing countries?” Singing, vote, award and video recording.  Come and bring many friends along.

For more information, contact the Belgian national association:belgiumconcord-kleur-klein

CNCD:  quai du Commerce 9,  1000 Brussels –   Tel .00 (0)2 250 12 40 –

11.11.11: Vlasfabriekstraat 11, 1060 Brussel – Tel. 00 (0)2 536 11 13 –

ACODEV: Bld Léopold II, 184 D, 1080 Bruxelles – Tel. 00 (0)2 219.88.55 –

COPROGRAM: rue de la linière 9-15 Brussels –  Tel. 00 (0)2 536.19.23 –

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