Posted by: Euforic Services | May 4, 2009

Activities in Sweden

swedenThe poor are not heard in the European Parliament. Knowledge and commitment for development  by Swedish Members of European Parliament is low, according to a study of CONCORD Sweden.  Amongst all the members participating in the numerous votes that affect the lives of the world’s poor , only a handful of the Swedish parliamentarians are actively working on aid and development during their term of office.

This is a pity because the European Union is one of the most important actors to create development and growth in the third world and the European Parliament has in this context a considerable amount of power. Read more

The Coherence Barometer from Swedish NGOs
Sweden was one of the first countries in Europe to formulate a policy on coherence for development. Swedish NGOs took an active part in the consultation process preceding the policy formulation, and have for the last years done evaluations on the progress of the implementation of the policy. Download the Swedish NGOs’ Coherence Barometer and the official Policy on Global Development.

8 May: Film and debate on “SEX – a matter of life and death: EU’s hidden conflict costs thousands of women’s lives.”: Screening of the BBC documentary DEAD MUM’S DON’T CRY (together with Marie Stopes International) and public debate in parliament with candidates to the European Parliament about EU’s conflict and work around sexual and reproductive health and rights in development.  It is organised by RFSU, the Swedish Association for Sexual Education More

9 May: Seminar: The European Union as a global player – Sundsvall. More

11 May: Lunch Seminar: EPA – threat or opportunity? More

12 May: Seminar: The European Union as a global player – Malmö. More

12 May: Report Launch on the European Union’s trade. More

14 May: The annual CONCORD Aid Watch report will be launched in Sweden. Policy makers will be invited to comment the report at the seminar, and the seminar will be preceded by strategic media contact in order to get a broad coverage. More

14 May: Thing for the environment: The world’s forests. More

14 May: Seminar: The European Union as a global player – Gothenburg. More

16 May: The EU as a global player – Uppsala. More

18 May: The European Union as a global player – Visby. More


For more information, contact the national association:

CONCORD Sweden: Slakthusplan 3, 121 62  Johanneshov – Tel. +46 8~648 99 44 – Web site:

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