Posted by: comconcord | May 6, 2009

Activities in the Netherlands


‘Your vote during the European Elections can influence  the European policy for developing countries. On you can learn which political party fits your ideals.’

The vote guide will be launched during the week of 9-18 May, in occasion of the campaign ‘10 days of Action 4 Development’, organised by the Global Call to Action Against Poverty and CONCORD.

What is the vote guide?

NCDO, EEN (Dutch GCAP coalition) and Partos (Dutch national association, member of CONCORD) have developed a ‘vote indicator’ or ‘vote guide’. It gives voters an indication of the party closest to the ideals of the voter.

voteguideDevelopment NGOs are promoting this vote guide online, through offline media and through our members to stimulate the public to think about the role of Europe in the world and the influence of its policy on developing countries.

On the website of the vote guide the activities of the organisations involved in the campaign, as well as interviews of politicians, will be displayed. This website is the portal for the European Elections and Development Cooperation in the Netherlands.

The vote guide proposes 10 statements on international questions and development cooperation. They focus on peace and security, climate change and durability, trade policy, migration and development and aid promised by the European Union.

Who will be involved?

All voters (age 18+) including:

  • YOU !
  • 22.000 EENsupporters (contacted via a newsletter).
  • Members organisations of EEN and Partos (via e-mail)
  • Donors and members of the member organisations of EEN and Partos (via articles / banners in e-newsletters and banners on websites)
  • Readers of magazines on development cooperation (via press release)
  • Readers of newspapers (via press release / media stunt)

More: website:
contact @ EEN: Amanda van Nieuwenhoven, +31-(0)348-421670
contact @ Partos: Sander Laban, +31-(0)20-3209901


If you want more information about the activities in the Netherlands, contact the national platform:

Partos:Nieuwe Keizersgracht 45, 1018 VC Amsterdam -Email : or Website:

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