Posted by: Euforic Services | May 14, 2009

AidWatch Initiative: Europe fails to deliver on commitments

In 2010 the European Union aims to have increased its development aid to 0,56% of the overall EU Gross National Income. But it will not achieve to do so.

And there is more, says the Report compiled by Concord’s AidWatch Initiative. Alongside falling aid levels, many countries continue to play a game of creative accounting by inflating their aid figures to include other expenditures. The definition of official development aid is ever widening, to take in categories such as climate finance and security missions.

Besides staying behind in terms of quantity, European governments also fail to deliver on their commitments to ensure aid effectiveness: with many conditions attached to its provision and little transparency, aid remains very much donor-driven. Profiles per country in the AidWatch report provide details on practices in each country.

The AidWatch report makes the argument that in a time of crisis, good quality, genuine aid has never been more important. Concord proposes European governments to adopt a binding timetable to reach their targets, to show serious progress in implementing the Accra Agenda for Action and to deliver on commitments to put gender equality and women’s empowerment at the centre of development cooperation. Listen to Jasmine Burnley, coordinator of the Aid Watch Initiatitive, talk about the purpose and goals of the report.

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The AidWatch report entitled ‘Lighten the load – In a time of crisis, European aid has never been more important‘ was presented as of the Concord 10days4development campaign and discussed at a roundtable with four panelist: Fanny Nkhoma-Mbawa, Aid Policy Advisor with Oxfam International, Andrea Maksimovic of Solidar, Noerine Kaleeba, President of ActionAid International and Javier Pereira of Concord, one of the authors of the report.

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