NGO position

In June 2009, more than half a billion citizens of the 27 member States of the European Union (EU) will elect their representatives to the European Parliament for the 2009-2014 term. On this occasion, the CONCORD manifesto identifies and discusses three essential EU objectives: namely sustainable development, more and better development aid and democratic accountability, as well as urging MEPs to act upon them.

Trade, agriculture, environment, migration and many other policies have an impact on sustainable development. Yet, these policies have not sufficiently and directly contributed to poverty eradication and the promotion of human rights within the EU, nor at the global level. In addition, the fact that the implementation of these policies exacerbates the situation of people outside the EU is frequently ignored.

To promote a responsible Europe, CONCORD calls for a partnership between civil society and the European Parliament in order to uphold the right to sustainable development and responsible citizenship. In this regard, we believe that particular attention needs to be paid to climate justice and gender issues.

Download the CONCORD manifesto in different languages:


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